About the Company: IKIO Lighting Limited, an Indian manufacturer of LED lighting solutions, focuses on sustainability and provides low-energy LED products to support India’s sustainability goals. They primarily operate as an original design manufacturer (ODM), designing, developing, manufacturing, and supplying products to customers who then distribute them under their own brands. Additionally, they collaborate with customers to develop, manufacture, and supply customer-designed products.

Their product portfolio is categorized into four segments:

  • LED lighting: Encompassing premium segment lighting, fixtures, fittings, accessories, and components.
  • Refrigeration lights: Providing lighting solutions (lights, drivers, and controls) to commercial refrigeration equipment suppliers.
  • ABS piping: Offering an alternative to PVC piping, primarily used in plumbing applications for recreational vehicles (RVs) by their US customers.
  • Other products: Including fan regulators designed by clients, light strips, moulding, and other components and spares.

IKIO’s equipment and systems are used in various industries and products, including residential, industrial and commercial lighting.

Quarterly Presentations or Reports, Earnings Call and Transcript of IKIO Lighting Limited

Q3 FY 24 | December 2023

Q2 FY 24 | September 2023

Q1 FY 24 | June 2023